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Q4 2023

752,823 SQ FT



Panattoni is on-site constructing the largest speculative development serving London and the South East with a cross-docked facility totalling 752,823 sq ft.

Located adjacent to the M20, Panattoni Park Aylesford features dual routes to two motorway junctions: 2 miles to Junction 4, and 2.5 miles to Junction 5.

The location boasts strong public transport links, with two railway stations both within less than 10 minutes’ walk and a large investment set to improve cycle access. Local bus routes are also close by, with negotiations ongoing to extend them into the Park.

The popularity of the location is already proven with 5 pre-lets agreed to high-quality occupiers prior to practical completion.

Aylesford 750 is the last remaining opportunity at this South East leading logistics location and will be ready to occupy in Q4 2023. The building will be built to a minimum BREEAM rating of ‘Excellent’ and EPC A.


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Panattoni Park Aylesford, M20 J4, ME20 6SQ


Site Access
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Road Links
  Distance Journey Time
M25 J3 15 miles 18 mins
Dartford Crossing 19 miles 25 mins
Central London 30 miles 44 mins
Crawley 37 miles 44 mins
Luton 75 miles 1 hr 31 mins
Oxford 93 miles 1 hr 41 mins
Birmingham 160 miles 2 hrs 55 mins
Bristol 150 miles 2 hrs 43 mins
Norwich 137 miles 2 hrs 32 mins
Nottingham 164 miles 3 hrs 8 mins

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  Distance Journey Time
London City 32 miles 53 mins
London Gatwick 35 miles 1 hr 2 mins
London Stansted 57 miles 1 hr 18 mins
London Heathrow 60 miles 1 hr 25 mins

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Sea Ports
  Distance Journey Time
Tilbury 30 miles 42 mins
London Gateway 33 miles 45 mins
Dover 46 miles 48 mins
Felixstowe 97 miles 1 hr 55 mins
Southampton 106 miles 1 hr 59 mins

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0 - 15 mins



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15 - 30 mins

1.2 million


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30 - 45 mins

2.9 million


Bus Routes

Panattoni is funding the extension of a route connecting the site to Maidstone town centre for five years.

  • Destinations include Maidstone, West Malling and Allington
  • The service will run every half an hour
  • Four new bus stops will be provided within Panattoni Park Aylesford
Cycle Paths

Tonbridge and Malling Borough Councils cycling strategy will make cycling to work an attractive alternative at Panattoni Park Aylesford.

  • Panattoni will build cycle routes throughout the development
  • Cycling to work will be easier from areas such as Aylesford, new Hythe and Larkfield
Train Links

Both New Hythe and Aylesford railway stations are within walking distance of Panattoni Park Aylesford.

Panattoni plan to provide e-bikes at both of the railway stations. Employees will be able to make use of these bikes free of charge to complete their journey to work.

Sustainable Transport
EV Parking Spaces
Water Saving Taps
Estate Car Sharing Scheme
Rainwater Harvesting
Water Leak Detection System
Twin Therm Cladding
LED Lighting
Sensor Lights
Carbon Neutral Carpet Tiles
Electric Bikes Hire
Air Tightness
Low Carbon Heating
Sub Metering
Bus Stops
10% Biodiversity Gain
15% Roof Lights

Low or zero carbon technologies

A high level energy strategy has been developed for the Panattoni Park Aylesford that will minimise the operational carbon use. By operational we mean CO2 that is produced by people working in the building and using installed equipment and systems, including the heating and lighting.

Energy use will be reduced by using low or zero carbon (LZC) technologies. Every building at Panattoni Park Aylesford will have air source heat pumps to control the temperature in their offices, they will also have Solar Photovoltaic panels (solar panels) installed on their roofs.

These technologies can deliver impressive savings. For example, on Unit 6 the combined effect will be a 15% reduction in energy use, on Unit 7 it will be 13%.

The standard solar installations on all buildings will achieve a 10% energy reduction, and more can be achieved if an occupier requests a bigger solar installation.

Savings through passive design features

Impressive as these savings are, all Panattoni buildings have 15% roof lighting as standard. These ‘windows’ in the roofs reduce the need for warehouse lighting. Panattoni buildings also have a ‘supertight’ envelope. This means that the building is very airtight, making temperature control much more efficient.

Sustainable measures during construction

The carbon footprint of a building is made up of operational carbon and embedded carbon. Embedded carbon is the energy used during construction. We will reduce this by:

  • Reducing transport during construction by locally sourcing materials and components
  • Specifying recycled components and aggregates
  • Recycling of all construction waste where possible
  • Use of unbonded materials of facilitate end of life recycling

Working in partnership with Kent Wildlife Trust, Panattoni is committed to delivering a net biodiversity gain across Panattoni Park Aylesford.

Panattoni Park Aylesford will be an attractively planted environment that allows the biodiversity of the site to flourish. There will be new planting of native trees, shrubs, hedgerows and groundcover, especially in the wider green spaces at the south of the site.

Beech hedgerows will be allowed to grow up to two metres high and groups of trees, planted in a mix typical of native woodland, will create a glade where wildflowers and existing vegetation combine. This will form the meadow grass environment in which so much of our wildlife thrives.

The scheme will be considerably greener than many of the surrounding industrial areas, and through the on-site landscape and biodiversity improvements proposed, together with donations to support local wildlife initiatives, a net biodiversity gain of 10% above current levels will be achieved.

Landscaping to preserve biodiversity and create an attractive environment for employees and neighbours will include:

  • Ground cover planting on the central boulevard
  • Native beech hedgerows up to two metres high
  • ‘Woodland group’ tree planting to create a glade
  • Preserving significant existing vegetation
  • Planting a wildflower meadow mix
  • Planting scrubs
  • Retaining the public right of way in the east of the site
  • Bbee hives

Car Sharing

Car sharing will be actively supported at Panattoni Park Aylesford. Employees at the park will be invited to register on a dedicated website to find like-minded people and share the journey to work, saving them money, and reducing congestion and the associated CO2 emissions.

Electric Car Club

Anyone working at Panattoni Park Aylesford who requires the use of a car during the day could take advantage of the Electric Car Club. Provided through Enterprise, the scheme will provide two electric cars for the park, free to use on demand.

Electric Bike Stations

As well as reducing road traffic, bicycles promote well-being and fitness. To encourage commuting by bicycle and to reduce car miles, six e-bike stations will be installed across Panattoni Park Aylesford.

As well as offering charging facilities for people’s own e-bikes, a number of pool e-bikes will be placed at key locations in and near the park. Subject to third party agreement, e-bikes will be available at:

  • Aylesford Train Station
  • New Hythe Train Station
  • The local supermarket
  • Leybourne Lakes Country Park

Rail Connections

New Hythe and Aylesford stations are served by Southeastern, with 35 trains per day connecting the site to Maidstone West. A direct service links the main interchanges at Strood and Tonbridge. London St. Pancras falls within an hour’s journey.

Bus Connections

Panattoni Park Aylesford is served by five bus routes linking the site to the major conurbation of Maidstone, plus the outlying areas of King’s Hill, Snodland, Addington, Burnham and
Larkfield. The centre of Maidstone is 30 minutes journey by bus.