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investment platform

Panattoni provides the perfect platform for investors seeking preferential development returns and direct exposure to the UK real estate industrial market. 

Our success can be demonstrated by the high value returns delivered to our investors and our long-term conviction for one of the UK’s strongest performing asset classes. 

Panattoni has an established track record working in joint venture and co-development relationships with a wide range of private, corporate and large-scale institutional investors in a variety of financial structures offering flexible capital solutions. 

Total alignment

Embodying a strong partnership culture and total alignment with our investors’ interests, the Panattoni team takes a proactive and hands-on approach to development and strives to provide enhanced risk-adjusted returns in all investment environments and cycles.

Dedicated global capital network

Our cross-border capital network connects debt and equity investors to a pipeline of opportunities and provides the highest level of market knowledge and communication with our capital partners. 

Scalability and execution efficiency

Our private corporate structure allows speed of decision making and efficient governance ensuring scalable capital deployment across the risk spectrum.

Our focus on delivering to our investors their expected level of return and a total alignment, Panattoni ensures long-term strategic relationships are formed, nurtured, and protected throughout investment cycles.


Panattoni will continue to target land and property assets, which have attractive long-term fundamentals, where our development expertise and access to capital can unlock latent value.

Our acquisitions are underpinned by an underlying asset value, with transactions being structured to have considered downside protection. Residual risk is managed and mitigated through our disciplined due diligence procedure, which accurately quantifies risk and provides our capital partners with a detailed knowledge of the local market.

Panattoni will create value through the planning, leasing, construction, and onward sales process, with investments being structured to offer the maximum return on capital employed.


Investor services

Full suite of tailored service provision to specific investor requirements.

Comprehensive service provision from strategy recommendation, capital deployment, financing and administration, development and leasing management, property and asset management, and asset depositions.

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