Panattoni Park Crewe

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Panattoni Park Crewe

Situated within 1.5 miles of the M6 and at the nexus of 6 major rail lines

Panattoni Park Crewe is the only site in the North West with planning consent for a single building exceeding 1 million sq ft.

Panattoni Park Crewe is one of the largest industrial/logistics schemes serving the Midlands and North West.

With units ranging from 5,000 sq ft to 1,000,000 sq ft, Panattoni Park Crewe can accommodate the specific requirements of the most diverse industrial logistics occupiers.

Panattoni Park Crewe is a location with national impact.  The major conurbations of the North West and West Midlands fall within 1.5 hours by HGV, while 4.5 hours grants a reach extending from Bristol to Newcastle, and London to beyond the Scottish borders.


Located on the axis of the M6 and A500, Panattoni Park Crewe offers fast access to the Midlands, North West and national markets.

Sat Nav

Panattoni Park Crewe, Radway Green Road, Crewe, CW2 5PG

HGV Drive Times


Miles Hrs:Mins
M6 J16 (A500) 1.5 0:03
Crewe 8 0:14
A50 10 0:15
Stoke-On-Trent 10 0:17
Stafford 24 0:31
M6 J20a (M56) 26 0:35
M6 J21a (M62) 30 0:39
Manchester 36 0:49
Derby 45 0:55
Birmingham 53 1:08
London 167 3:12


Miles Hrs:Mins
Manchester Airport 30 0:39
East Midlands Airport 55 1:10
Birmingham Airport 63 1:28
Heathrow Airport 164 2:51


Miles Hrs:Mins
Port of Liverpool 55 1:10
Port of Holyhead 114 2:10
Port of Bristol 133 2:21
Immingham Port 143 2:42
Port of Southampton 192 3:26
London Gateway 195 3:29

Source: Lorry Route Planner

0 – 15 mins

121,350 people

15 – 30 mins

677,003 people

30 – 45 mins

1.68 million people

Source: Lorry Route Planner

Ready to work

In Cheshire East and North Staffordshire

18,600 people want a job in Cheshire East and North Staffordshire
*Cheshire East, Newcastle-under-Lyme and Stoke-on-Trent Source: NOMIS September 2021

Suitable skills and sectors

In Cheshire East and North Staffordshire

38,500 workers
Manufacturing workers

10.1% vs. 7.6% UK

26,000 workers
Transport & Storage Workers

8.0% vs. 5.1% UK

Source: NOMIS 2021

Competitive wages

Gross weekly full time pay by place of work

North West


West Midlands


UK average




*Cheshire East, Newcastle-under-Lyme and Stoke-on-Trent Source: NOMIS September 2021


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