Our high standard specification harnesses Low and Zero Carbon (LZC) technology to prioritise energy efficiency and reduce operating costs

Two of the biggest causes of energy waste are lack of natural light and heat loss through air leakage. All Panattoni buildings include 15% roof lights as well as ‘supertight’ building envelopes as standard. Our intelligent lighting systems results in a reduction in electricity consumption by up to 70%.

In the summer months a major driver for the overuse of air conditioning is solar heat gain. Panattoni considers the orientation of office space and window positioning at the planning stage to design out solar gain. We also specify glazing with optimum reflectance, reducing the need for air conditioning still further.

Below you’ll find the full range of practices and specifications that ensure our buildings are at the leading edge of low carbon development.

Building Best Practice

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  • A build specification that exceeds statutory requirements
  • Minimising the use of finite resources, favouring sustainable and renewable resources
  • Reducing transport during construction by locally sourcing materials and components
  • Baseline BREEAM ‘Very Good’ with the ability to aim for an ‘Excellent’ rating where conditions allow

Energy Efficiency

  • EPC A energy rating
  • High level of natural daylight via optimised window placement and 15% roof lights to the warehouse
  • Glazing providing excellent thermal performance and optimum reflectance, minimising solar heat gain
  • "Supertight” air tightness of 2.5m3/m2/hr @ 50Pa
  • Internal and external high efficiency LED lighting with daylight sensors and auto dimming
  • Energy monitoring system with smart metering

Every Drop Counts

  • Rainwater harvesting systems
  • Water conserving sanitary ware including dual flush, low flow cisterns and automated urinals
  • Low flow aerated taps and shower heads
  • Water meter and water leak detection systems to monitor water consumption
  • Grey water harvesting sustainability built in

Comfort and Control

  • High efficiency zoned office ventilation with hybrid heat recovery and low energy mechanicals
  • Variable speed pumps and fans, minimising energy usage in low draw situations compared to single speed systems
  • Automatic controls based on modular eopen standards
  • Sub-metering with granular reporting on energy use

Minimising Waste

  • Utilising efficient, modularised off-site manufacturing processes where appropriate
  • Specifying recycled components and aggregates
  • Recycling of all construction waste where possible
  • Provision of recycling facilities during occupation
  • Use of unbonded materials to facilitate end of life recycling

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